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PILATES: not only for women

Why should Pilates be a women’s privilege only? Often men spend even more time behind desks and suffer from backache and tense muscles.

More and more men discover the Pilates workout and join classes at the PILATES STUDIO RICHTERSWIl. They experience the enormous benefits of a training, which they can implement into their daily lifes. Not only that these exercises help to improve postural deficits and alleviate headaches, back pain and joint problems, they are also a big stress relief. In addition strengthening of the core muscles improves the performance in sport activities such as soccer, tennis or golf.

Pilates is an excellent form of fitness training and moreover - it’s a therapy! Strengthening your core muscles supports your spine and is an effective prevention against back problems

Besides, the founder of the Pilates Method was a man: Joseph Pilates

Pilates on the Pilates REFORMER equipment: very popular with men.